Historical Scavenger Hunt!

If you’re looking for a fun activity to do on these crisp autumn days, check out this Historical Scavenger Hunt put together by the Burlington Public Library. Take a leisurely stroll through the town center and find all the items listed! Feel free to park in the Elton Tavern parking lot (hint, the first item is VERY close to the parking lot) and don’t forget to drop off the completed form at the library to be entered in the prize drawing!

Click on either of the images below to bring up the full 2-page PDF ready for printing.

New collections acquisitions

The Burlington Historical Society would like to express deepest thanks to board member Sarah McCusker and Burlington resident Gretel Cote for their recent donations to the society’s historical artifacts collection.

Sarah’s donation of a vintage Walker floor loom will be a nice addition to our textiles and fiber display on the second floor of the Elton Tavern.

Gretel has generously donated one of the original doors from the historic Schwarzmann Mill. Images of the front and back are shown below.

Click on the below image to view the entire article on the historic Schwarzmann Mill.